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Nursing Home Abuse is a Serious and Increasingly Common Problem

For many more Americans than in the past, growing older means coming to need care around the clock. With so many living to be eighty or ninety years of age or even older, the later years of life can easily entail an increased dependence upon the attention and support of others.

In many cases, that means living in a nursing home where care will be available whenever it might be needed. Unfortunately, such arrangements do not always work out so well as would normally be hoped. When it becomes clear that a nursing home resident has suffered from abuse or negligence, consulting with an elder care attorney like one of those at will always be advisable.

Many Ways the Most Vulnerable Can Succumb to Abusive or Negligent Caretakers

It might be expected that those who commit to caring for elderly patients would take seriously their responsibilities and duties. While most professional caretakers are, in fact, diligent and devoted to their patients, a few bad apples cause a great deal of harm every year. Some of the types of problems that most commonly arise due to the abuse or negligence of nursing home employees include:

Malnutrition. Many older people have trouble feeding themselves and must rely upon others to remain properly nourished. Whether for patients suffering from advanced Alzheimer's or Parkinson's or those who have experienced debilitating strokes, feeding a person regularly and appropriately can be one of the most important forms of nursing home care. Unfortunately, too many caretakers neglect their duties or even skip meals out of malice, and this can easily lead to malnutrition in nursing home residents. Given that many such older people are already more vulnerable to illnesses of various kinds than the average person, the weakness that comes with malnutrition can be especially devastating.

Bed sores. Some nursing home residents are essentially unable to move under their own power and must rely upon caretakers to help them in this respect, as well. In many unfortunate cases in the past, patients have been left immobile for so long that they have developed profound, festering bed sores.

Experienced Attorneys are Ready to Help

It will always be wise to get in touch with a nursing home abuse attorney as soon as such signs of neglect or mistreatment become apparent. A visit to a site like today will show that it need not be difficult to have any case of possible nursing home abuse assessed.